Widening Therapeutic Opportunities in Vaccines & CNS Indications Via Next Generation Nasal Drug Delivery 

May 17-18, 2023|San Diego, CA

Optimize Your Formulation & Device Design to Achieve Bioavailability, Safety & Efficacy Through Intranasal Routes of Administration

Not only has the pandemic fuelled interest in new modalities research, but it has also triggered a renaissance of formulation approaches amongst biopharma to bring new wave of drug substances and therapeutics to life. In the last 12 months alone, intranasal delivery methods have demonstrated clinical efficacy for novel therapeutics. This route of administration is bound to revolutionize the traditional vaccine means and pave way for a new generation of chronic CNS drugs. Tiziana Life Sciences, SciSparc, Odyssey Health, SaNOtize, Intravacc are amongst the pioneers that stole the spotlight with their intranasal formulation entering clinical trials.

In collaboration with Cipla, Impel Pharmaceuticals, Neurelis and SaNOtize, the Novel Nasal Formulation & Delivery Summit will be premier in San Diego, uniting 60+ senior leaders from biopharma to:

  • Share approaches to formulate a novel nasal drug product with stability beyond small molecules and cross-learning from inhalations
  • Overcome bioavailability and permeability challenges for rapid absorption by targeting olfactory system and targeted delivery to destined cells & organs
  • Deeper our biophysiological and biodistribution understanding to reduce adsorption rate and immune response
  • Widen the therapeutic window with patient centricity for your pipeline progression through this unique route of administration and enhance patient adherence
  • Ensure a compatible, cost-effective device for filing and speed-to-market

Our attendees are at the stage of considering whether this is an area they are ready to venture into. With nasal markets set to reach $74bn in the near future, this is a great chance to get ahead of the curve. Join us in May to leverage new and existing connections to accelerate the globalisation and commercialization of nasal products!

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